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Welcome to We Do That, a TAZ Fancast! Each episode Jake, Chris, and Colin discuss The Adventure Zone. This is meta-podcasting at its finest. Join the guys as they discuss the newest episode, throw out predictions for the future of TAZ, and make the worst jokes! Episodes come out every Thursday, after The Adventure Zone.

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    We Do That Ep 49 - What about Janice?

    It's almost the end times! join us for another exciting (?) discussion of The Adventure Zone. Griffin is clearly leading us to the finally, will our favorite characters make it? Which gang will really save the town? Can we maintain our enthusiasm for 2-ish more episodes? It's true edge of your seat thrill over here at We Do That.

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    We Do That Ep 48 - RickSeal

    As Amnesty comes to a close, the gang rallies all their...friends? I think? They rally some people to fight the big final battle. We, however, have no friends to call on to help us talk the end on Amnesty, so it's just us this week. Get ready for a revamped mass-transit system, important origin story hole poking, and general goofy-ness.

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    We Do That Ep 47 - Vegan Casual

    A new hunt is starting! Join us for exciting The Adventure Zone discussion as we dive into the very beginning of the new hunt. We get to meet a new player character, ponder the motives of Heathcliff, and go on a fairly large tangent about Pokemon, Smash Brothers and Animorphs.

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    We Do That Ep 46 - Frunderstanding

    The Adventure Zone is reaching the end of the Amnesty campaign, so it seems a good time to look back on how far we've journeyed through Kepler. Also, the McElroys did a clip show, so it's required. Join us on this walk down memory lane, and relive all the stuff we totally forgot happened in the last 28 episodes.

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    We Do That Ep 45 - GHOSTbusters, TOO!

    Holy cow everyone, have we got a treat from you. It's officially pilot season and we've got a fresh new comedy that's dying to be on your must watch TV list. Tune in for the antics of Deputy Dewey and Ned "Dead" Chicane as they try to solve another wacky mystery from beyond to grave!

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    We Do That Ep 44 - The bread sticks of podcasts

    It's a live show week, so you know what that means: directionless discussion and lots of good(?) filler humor. Join us for this week's TAZ discussion where we talk proper buffet order, live show expectations, and ways counting doesn't work.

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    We Do That Ep 43 - What is thieves do?

    This was a big episode everybody and boy do we have some thoughts. It seems like just when we're building to the huge conclusion, the McElroys had to go and trow us a curve ball. Will the Pine Guard ever get back together? Will Duck be reunited with his alien(?) mentor? If you have to roll in the past, is the present still real? What can we trust anymore!? Join us for all this and more on this week's discussion of The Adventure Zone! Content Warning: Chris tries to sing...

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    We Do That Ep 42 - I think it's getting scary

    As if to put us in our place, the McElroys really turned up the adventure in this week's The Adventure Zone. We could barely get all our thoughts out in this weeks discussion! There are lots of exciting twists, old plot lines finally being wrapped up, and it feels like we're heading full steam for the finale episodes. We postulate that maybe it's time for a re-brand.

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    We Do That Ep 41 - TripAdvisor's 10 Best Hotels To Turn Into A Secret Lair In Kepler

    This hunt is coming to an end...we think. I think in this moment I'm supposed to say "Things are heating up in the sleepy ski town of Kepler" but based on this discussion, we don't know what's going on. Join us as we discuss all the things we don't understand and all our failings to understand the McElroy's genius. Or maybe we're just a little salty.

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    We Do That Ep 40 - Duck Newton's Pro-Skitcher 5!

    What a ride! We love Duck's sense of adventure. This episode of The Adventure Zone has all the action we could ask for, and all the questionable GM decisions Colin craves. Join us while we figure out just when Ned is, where magic comes from, and what else holds up Duck's pants.

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